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Lunch and Learn: Financial Planning During Retirement

Join Silvernest and Destiny Capital for a free lunch and learn!

We’ve teamed up to bring you a free interactive financial advising session. We’ll discuss how to save and plan during retirement. Bring your questions! The session will be led by Amy Bertle.

This event is an opportunity to learn some new skills and work on financial security in the new year.
Register with a friend or come on your own. We’re so grateful that you’re a member of the Silvernest community!

About Amy Bertle:
Amy has a passion for helping her clients emerge from rough times in their lives, and helps them to rebuild a more full, beautiful life. Outside of her work life, she can be found running around Denver with her two Bernese Mountain Dogs.

About Destiny Capital:
Wealth is time and having discretion over how to use it. Wealth is a connection with whoever is important to you. Wealth is agency in your life, and the ability to live life how you wish. A person who achieves true wealth lives in a place of rest, restoration, and vitality.
Helping clients attain true wealth is why we love financial planning. Finances should create time and agency in your life. Intentionally planning your finances gives you the resources to gain better control over your time. Building systems to implement elements of your financial plan are tasks that should be delegated or automated. We are an advisory and financial planning team that is here to help you make good decisions and keep you on track in your pursuit of a wealthy life.

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