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Colorado is consistently ranked one of the top states for healthy living, and Arvada is no exception. With more than 3,400 acres of parks, trails and open space, Arvada has a culture of health and wellness, and plenty of events that go with it!

Look below to find a cooking class, a community hike or maybe a class at one of our local gyms!

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April 24
Short class on everything you wanted to know about growing onions: planting, fertilizing, watering, harvesting, drying, keeping.
April 27
Join us for the G Line Grand Opening Party on Saturday, April 27! Along Grandview Ave. and in Olde Town Square, enjoy live music, activities and special promotions to celebrate the opening.
May 8
A short class on what vegetable plants get along with what other plants. Also some insight on successful vegetable gardening in Colorado climate.
May 15
A short class on growing, harvesting, drying and uses of culinary herbs. Includes a tour of the community garden herb plots.
June 1
Arvada’s Majestic View Nature Center and Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge are celebrating Trails Day by encouraging everyone to get outdoors, move your feet, and meet new friends on many of Arvada Trails.

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