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Bike Friendly Arvada 1st Coffee Bike Ride

BFA 1 Coffee Ride 04-17-21
Our first ride of the season. If you come early you can enjoy a FREE cup of coffee before the ride, just tell them you’re with Bike Friendly Arvada. Easy 12 mile route for this first ride, hidden gems, unknown trails, secret places. If you want you can stay for lunch after the ride.

All riders are required to wear a helmet, mask, follow bike safety and traffic laws, and sign a waiver. Our ride leaders will give a briefing 5 minutes before the ride begins and outline the route and other specifics for the day. So try to arrive at least 20 minutes before the ride begins to give yourself enough time to get ready.

We will require masks and social distancing on the rides.

What to bring:
• Your bike (in good working condition)
• Water (preferably a water bottle or camelback)
• Your helmet, mask
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses (recommended to keep bugs and sunlight out of your eyes)
• Weather appropriate clothing
• A great attitude and sense of adventure

If you have any questions about our rides, please contact Bill Orchard at or 303-422-9468.

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