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Arvada on Tap Announces Featured Guest

Arvada on Tap is excited to announce that Jess Fierro, the talented home-brewer from Colorado Springs and winner of BEERLAND, the new VICE docu-series searching for the best home-brewers across the country, will be a featured guest at this year’s festival on July 22.

Part travel show, part competition, BEERLAND followed show host and co-founder of local Los Angeles based Golden Road Brewery Meg Gill across the country as she met with home-brewers in Santa Fe, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Colorado and Honolulu. After getting to know the brewers and tasting their beers, she invited the top home-brewer from each episode/location back to LA for a final taste-off. 

In the finale, the top 5 home-brewers competed for a shot at a brewing, canning and distribution deal with Golden Road brewery. In the end, Jess’ Latin-inspired creation took the grand prize! As the winner, she was able to have her winning recipe brewed, canned & distributed by Golden Road. The result is Dona Neta, a 6.5% ABV golden-colored Biere de Garde that is medium-bodied with a pleasant biscuity flavor and hints of real tamarind on the finish.

Golden Road Brewery will also be one of 26 breweries represented at the festival, serving limited quantities of Jess’ own Biere de Garde.

About Jessica Fierro

After finding a love for brewing while living in Germany for her husband’s military deployment, Jessica came back to Colorado ready to get serious. Eight years later and she’s hustling to get her name out there for when the day comes to open her own Latin-inspired brewery. As a cosmetologist by trade, Jessica finds her love for mixing hair dyes to achieve the perfect shade similar to mixing flavors to achieve the perfect beer. Using only flavors found from her childhood spent in her Abuela’s kitchen, her beers are as unique as she is. She currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO.

Read more about Jess’ journey in the Colorado Springs Gazette and Colorado Springs Independent.

Who’s Got the Best Brew?

We are very pleased to be hosting a Beer Judging Certification Program (BJCP) sanctioned homebrew competition!

Amateur brewers will bring their creations from home garages and basements to be tasted and rated by volunteer judges from the prestigious BJCP.

Since there are many enteries, the judges need some time to taste the brews.  The homebrews will be judged the week prior to the event (to give their taste buds time to accurately taste each brew.)

Important Info and Dates:

Stay Tuned for 2018 Dates!

Each brewer will submit entries in one of  six medal groups: Stay Tuned for 2018 Dates!.

Three bottles of each entry is required with the appropriate labels attached.  (Your name, the beer’s name, the beer’s style)

2017 Homebrew Winners!

Gold – Torre Ahlberg – Czech Dark Lager
Torre will now get to partner with Spice Trade Brewing to reproduce his recipe on a larger scale.
Fame and glory Torre, fame and glory!

Lights and Lagers:
Gold – Torre Ahlberg – Czech Dark Lager
Silver – Colter Wilson – Munich Helles
Bronze – Jay Thomas – Czech Premium Pale Lager

US/UK Ales and Ambers:
Gold – Chris Levesque – Strong Bitter
Silver – Kevin McHugh – Blonde Ale
Bronze – Chris Levesque – British Brown

Dark Ales
Gold – Patrick Chavez – Oatmeal Stout

Strong Ales
Gold – Evan Sherlock – American IPA
Silver – Keith Norris – English Barley Wine
Bronze – Steve Mondragon – Specialty IPA

German Wheat and Belgian
Gold – Jeffrey Selk – Begian Tripel
Silver – Torre Ahlberg – Fruit Lambic
Bronze – Chris Cardillo – Saison

Gold – Mark Pennick – Winter Seasonal
Silver – Miles Cole – Historical
Bronze – Kevin McHugh – Fruit Beer