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Welcome to Steuben’s Arvada!

Steuben’s Arvada is a locally-owned, independent restaurant known for recreating American Regional Classics.

Steuben’s is named after a restaurant in Boston that the Great Uncles, Max and Joe, opened in 1945. Steuben’s became a famous Boston restaurant, nightclub, and hotspot from the 1940’s to the 1960’s on Boylston Street. The Vienna Room, The Cave and The Blue Room were all part of the Steuben’s space and hosted Big Band, Jazz and Swing groups with The Rat Pack, Proms, Sweet Sixteens and more. In its prime, Steuben’s was the center of the Boston dining and nightlife scene.

Both Steuben’s Food Service locations in Colorado (additional location in Uptown, Denver) respect the history of their name and the core ingredients of the American Regional classics we have attempted to recreate. These dishes are America’s cuisine and American’s interpretations of the dishes of our diverse cultural heritage. We have enjoyed the endless debates, opinions, stories, research, consultations and food memories that have led us to the opening version of the Steuben’s menu.

o   Monday – Thursday11am – 10pm
o   Friday11am – 11pm
o   Saturday9am – 11pm
o   Sunday9am – 10pm

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