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The Business of Love | 2020

Arvada is home to many couples who have found success as partners at home and in business. We asked five couples how they balance their lives, find humor in stress, and still make time to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Ben and Rita Lawrence
All Secure Lock & Security
A couple 17.5 years | In business together 12 years
What is your key to success?
Keys are our key to success! We share an office and constantly bounce new ideas off each other.
How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
As a family! Rita’s birthday is a few days before Valentines Day so it’s really just a continuation of her birthday week! We’ll make a yummy meal in the smoker and play some fun games with the kids.
Joe and Kathryn Seehusen
Colorado Home Realty
A couple 8 years | In business together 8 years
What is your key to success?
We strive to be ourselves in whatever we do or with anyone we meet. We realize we’re not perfect and are good at forgiving each other.
Any funny stories related to being around one another 24/7?
Always keep your eye on the prize, stay hydrated, get good sleep, try to eat well, and NEVER stare at the other with a silly look on your face.
Lori Hofer and Michael Emmerson
The Cereal Box, Inc.
A couple 12 years | In business together 3 years
What is your key to success?
We have always made a good team and work well together in life, and it came naturally for us in business too. Although we are very different in our strengths (Michael is the creative visionary, Lori is more of a numbers cruncher), it’s the perfect yin and yang working relationship. Because we have an incredible amount of respect for each other’s strengths, we listen to each other when we are working through a problem, which is extremely important!
How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
As low-key as possible!
Chris and Deana Hill
Odyssey Beerwerks Brewery & Taproom
A couple for 22 years | In business together 7 years
What is your key to success?
Still trying to figure out what success looks like. Please check back next year. No seriously, enjoying what we do for a living, the people we work with, and all the people who support us. We have the best fans/customers/friends in the business and they really do make it worth all the effort.
How do you successfully live and work together?
Sounds simple, but we really are best friends and there’s no one I’d rather spend time with. And, we have lots of beer, so that helps.
Lisa and Brett Bengtson
Bengtson Wealth Management and BlendWorks Digital Marketing
A couple 7 years | In business together 3 years
What is your key to success?
Communication and continuing to set aside time for work corroboration, as well as time as a couple. I.E. We try to have regularly scheduled work meetings during business hours, and try as hard as we can to maintain date nights and the like outside of work and family time!
How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
We are actually having a day-date this year while the kids are in daycare! We will be going downtown for lunch, and taking our wedding rings in for maintenance.