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The Business of Love: Arvada Couples That Live and Work Together

You may have heard the old cliche that you’re not supposed to mix business and pleasure. But for many Arvada businesses partners, love at home and work is a sweet recipe for success. We asked four couples how they balance their lives, find humor in stress, and still make time to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Mike Huggins and Lenka Juchelkova
The Glo Car Wash, Arvada Tavern & Kline’s Beer Hall
Married 12 years | In business 12 years

What is your key to success?
Patience, lots of patience.

Any funny stories related to being around one another 24/7?
With the multiple businesses, we tend to work separately throughout the day. Yet we always get to recap over dinner and there is always something we can eventually laugh about.


Chris and Deana Hill
Odyssey Beerwerks
A couple 10 years | In business 6 years

What is your key to success?
When you own your own business, you’re always working on it so there really isn’t any separation of home and work life. We try to treat each other with respect always, even if the stress of owning a business is getting to us.

How do celebrate Valentine’s Day?
We usually spend it at home enjoying some time together that doesn’t involve our phones or laptops or working on the business. It’s rare that we have time to “unplug” so this is a pretty big deal for us.

Joe Seehusen and Kathryn Tighe
Colorado Home Realty
A couple 7 years | In business 2 years

What is your key to success?
Our clients come first, we never lose sight of that and respect each’s others opinion to
help us get to the best solution for our clients. We both have strengths when it comes to our industry and we let each other shine. We are both certified negotiators… so that makes what’s for dinner interesting sometimes.

How do celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Joe made me his famous spaghetti (Ragu and ground beef!) on our first Valentine’s Day. We eat spaghetti at home on this holiday and avoid the crowds!

Brett and Lisa Bengtson
Bengtson Wealth Management
A couple 7 years | In business 2 years

What is your key to success?
Communication is our #1 key to success. We have always tried to collaborate and keep each other updated on what the other is doing, and even have a standing monthly date where we block out an entire afternoon to discuss the different things we’re working on in an effort to stay on the same page!

How do celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Pre-kids was a mountain weekend getaway, now with kids, it’s a date night with dinner.